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Symbol Discovery

Our unique symbol discovery technology dynamically finds new symbols from the stock market as you need them, and stores them inside our secure server. We support over 6000 symbols, and the number is growing every day. The key to success in the stock market is finding symbols that are good investments. With the help of symbol discovery, you have a much bigger choice of symbols.

Pattern Recognition

Our advanced analysis technology allows us the recognize important patterns and notable trends in the stock market, allowing you to have better judgment when trading stocks. These patterns, once mastered, can mean the difference between success and failure in the stock trading world. The stock market may be largely unpredictable, but with the necessary data, we can find some patterns, and hopefully some good investment opportunities using our many stock trading rules.

Replay and Back testing

The power of backtesting allows anyone to make quick, objective decisions on stock trading. Our backtest server will test out the newest strategies on historical data to see if they are working before showing them to you. You can be assured that our strategies are accurately and scientifically correct. With backtesting, we can use historical data trends to test out new strategies without having to manually invest in the market. Backtesting is one of the most useful tools a good stock trader has in his/her arsenal of analysis tools.

ETF Rankings, News

Our powerful enviornment allows for many types of content, from ETF trading to the latest news reports. We also have a standard Ranking system to keep the competition at its best. Using features such as these allow us to keep the analysis and tedious strategic testing at a level that is both profitable, and enjoyable. From trading ETFs, to reading financial news, Symbolor has got you covered.

Automated Trading

Our High AI bots automatically test out all the latest strategies, and help you understand the latest tactics for investing in the stock market. We have over 10000 bots testing out all of our latest and greatest strategies, to find which works best. Using the data they put back, we can give excellent analysis of most stocks, and figure out which strategies work best. Our bots simulate user interactions, giving us automated feedback to how well our users can operate our user interface.

Symbol Analasis

Historical symbol characteristic behaviors are analyzed per individual symbol, index fund and options. The short term projection of repeating patterns display.


Advanced option strategy construction in option trading, we save you hours of homework in discovering the divergence of put/call attributes. Abnormal volume changes, volatility shift, skew detections.

Personalized UI experience

Personalized user symbol tasts, so you always watch the sector, derivative you traded or have open interest in.

what's new?

Plugin formula platform enables you add custom formula to scan system for defined symbol attributes and behaviors.

Technical Analysis Cretiria Plugin

Technical analysis with different time frames can run scan simultaneously and generate real time symbol discovery. Option structure genration for different investment objectives. In the reported scan results, we can pick the corresponding movement of price action on sub set of symbols.The algorithm also covers AMEX/NYSE/NASDAQ more than 10,000 stocks and millions of options